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Hello, I am a mother looking for a babysitter (between 18 years old and 45) who can come to my apartment every morning of the week from 10 AM to 11: 45 AM to take care of a 6 years old girl. You will be paid 40$ a day. If you have references that I can contact, I will pay 42,50$ a day. And if you have experience with special needs child that I can check on, you will be paid 45$ a day. The babysitter must : . be able to speak French . be a woman . have some experience taking care of a child (not just the family) . be punctual . be healthy . be soft-spoken . be patient . sanitize her hands when she comes home I need someone who will go to take a walk with my daughter for 30 minutes and then play with her in her room while I'm working at home. I will stay in the apartment, but not in the same room. She's a happy little girl, but she needs to be watched all the time and she also needs a friend. If you're available and it goes well, I will give you more hours. If you're interested, we can schedule a virtual meeting so I can get to know you.

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Mai 2020

Never seen such a disrespectful woman in my life thinks she knows everything when she really doesn't i don't think anyone would wanna work for such a complicated humane being you'd have to have a lot

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Mai 2020

Famille adorable et attachante, execellente expérience de babysitting ! Bonne continuation et bonne chance à vous deux ?

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Job de garde d'enfants à Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario

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15,00 $/heure
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