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My name is Krystal, i have a 1.5 year old son, River. He needs a babysitter every once an a while. But this next 3 weeks i will be needing a babysitter from 4pm-6pm monday-friday. You will be required to cook food/give him dinner, & change him if necessary. We will offer accommodated pay for these hours! Other one offs are usually from around 7pm-3 am, only at our house. We have 2 pet rabbits you wont be required to do anything for them. no cleaning required unless you make the mess. River is a super sweetie & yes his bed time is 7pm, you will have to brush his teeth, change his bum, & give snacks// cook him food if he hasnt eaten already. You can have free rain to the house, lots of snacks, pop, & juice in our fridge so help yourself. We have a big tv, wifi, if you have online classes to do thats fine too & we dont mind if you pass out on the couch or on the spare bed.

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