Bonjour, je m'appelle Tooshika !

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Hey my name is Tooshika. I have been babysitting most of my cousins and while babysitting them, i used to create small games which would stimulate their cognitive skills. I am available on Fridays after 3 pm and on weekends. Feel free to contact me.

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  • Juin 2019 Pranesh est un Ami

    It is with immense pleasure that i recommend, Tooshika Ramah, for the job of babysitting, I have known Tooshika for more than 5 years now, our initial meeting being from high school. I have always known Tooshika to be a nature lover, caring for the environment and thus, demonstrating her sensible, yet responsible nature.

    From the first time I met Tooshika, i have been amazed by her kindness, sensibility and maturity. She is always humble, cares for other people and will always make you feel comfortable. With these qualities, i can assure you that she is definitely the best person for babysitting.

    Recently, my grades were not that good, however with the help of Tooshika, she helped in my studies and i succeeded in improving them. Tooshika possesses an aptitude that allows her to adapt to any person's personality and thus allowing her to converse with them more efficiently. Hence, my point being, as a babysitter Tooshika will not only look after the children but, she will definitely try her best to care for them and to help them in any possible way.


Baby-sitter Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

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